Iron, calcium, pregnant milk and reasonable supplements for pregnancy

Pregnant women need a lot of nutrients. Due to the growth of the fetus, the maternal blood amountstrictly follows this increased need, also the uterus and the breasts. Obviously the needed amount of nutrients  increases too, any lack in the nutritional intake can have a great impact on fetal development, also can lead to miscarriage, premature birth, stillbirth.

Lack of nutrients during pregnancy might result in serious consequences

Well known that many pregnant women – in lack of appropriate information, just leaded by “family advices or other advertisements “ form te beginning start to use  iron, calcium and similar supplements or try to replace the missing things with extra amount of milk or milky products, so called “pregnant milk” . But have these women ever thought about the side – or even opposite effects of that self-made therapy ?


In case of iron deficiency: iron deficiency leads to anemia consequently to fetal growth retardation. But! Too much iron might accumulate in the liver, heart, pancreas and joints, causing first fetal – and later maternal liver problems, heart failures, arthritis and similar serious diseases.


Lack of calcium might result maternal fatigue, insomnia, numbness of hands and feet, osteoporosis and fetal growth retardation with congenital skeletal deformities. On other hand, too much calcium leads to kidney stones, hyperthyroidism, cardiovascular diseases and reduced bowel absorption of other important nutrients. An additional point is that pregnant women need also the Vitamin D supplementation, because without vitamin D, calcium cannot build in to the bones.

Vitamin D is vital to support calcium absorption

Pregnant milk

Honestly, drinking milk is not a condition of a healthy pregnancy and baby. But… in opposite, the forced intake, the too much milk exposition may lead to serious digest problems, minimum to constipation, but even also to gestational diabetes.

Milk is not bad! In certain periods, additional intakes such as yogurt, cheese, nuts, nutrition and multivitamins are also suggested.

Right supplementation – better health outcome

Please do not think that “better take more than less”, just think natural, make up for what is really missing.

If it is coming up short, it will not function properly; if there is an excess, the body must push itself to discharge. Anything that operates overwhelmingly will quickly deteriorates. So, it seems as if one has lost the money and been tortured concurrently.

In general, mothers tend more stress because of estimated lack of substances and the consequent fetal development. Either before or after the delivery, all want the best for the babies.

Multivitamin supplement is the best; containing of optimal form and balance of the necessary vitamins, which in the increased need of amount cannot be absorbed from the usual sources of daily food. Multivitamins are recommended also before, during and after pregnancy, important also to help to have the best mother -milk in time of breastfeeding; There have been many studies proving that using multivitamins reduces the rate of miscarriage, the risk of preterm birth, and the rate of birth defects.The question that arises most often: what multivitamins are good and why?

After well information and understanding, you have to choose the best! Here we try to help you to know the most important criteria and aspects how to decide.

Brand: Quality usual goes with price hand in hand. High-priced products, due to higher researching and testing cost, is usual more effective. Of course, you should buy them at reputable and reliable places to avoid fake ones. Be careful with self-produced Vietnamese products where the quality is not guaranteed.
Price: choose up to your economic situation and do not follow blind what others tell or use. Sometimes cheap products can also be good but if you insist on an expensive product beyond your economic capability, you will find soon yourself in trouble.
Ingredients: the belief that more substances – or their higher amount in a capsule – means also better quality is a BASIC MISTAKE. As we mentioned above, the body only needs a certain amount of substances, and their excessive amount might sometimes hard side effects (constipation, acne etc.) , because the increased intake exceeds the absorptive capability of the body. Furthermore, it is also possible that the combination of some substances may reduce the absorption of the others and cause dangerous deficit. For instance, iron and calcium are in absorption competition, but in practice many multivitamins combine iron and calcium together. Remember that the balance of ingredients will also decide whether that brand is good or not. Pay always attention the quality and the balance of the ingredients before you choose your Multivitamin!

Among the many options of supplements or multivitamins for pregnant women, choose the right one based on your economic and health condition, and source of the product. Choose smart!

Definitive lack of Supplements and Nutrition during the pregnancy

After and according to your lab results the missing factors (usually Protein, Iron, Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc etc. ) should be prescribed by the doctor by the regular pregnancy checkups, always strictly followed the tests.

Group of mothers using pregnant milk

There is wide variety of pregnant milks. Each brand has its own formula. For mothers who have difficulty in eating, milk supplement is advisable. One should, however, always keep in mind milk is just a form of food, it is not as excellent as advertised. Having milk excessively or without eating, therefore, is not recommended.

As last but not least, An Clinic wants to emphasize, that eating – clean, diverse and sufficient food – is the extremely important thing, what you can do for your- and for yours baby’s health.

Nutritional supplements for pregnancy should be sufficient, not excessive

No need to eat for two. “Pregnant milk” is not a compulsory. Do not use iron and calcium without medical control.

Take care about your body weight, no one can be happy with a fat and slow body. Your baby will not be smart just because your meal… But you can help a lot with rational food and right supplementation!

Wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy!

For more information about your and your babies’ current health status, please visit us at An Clinic for regular check-ups and pregnancy monitoring. Please contact 0965.686.688 or register online HERE.

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